Some of the common issues we work with are:

  • transitioning to more creative careers

  • gaining clarity on what dreams need expressing

  • clearing any mental emotional blocks to creativity or productivity

  • healing physical problems that impede your work 

  • creating healthy habits to support life balance and resolve chronic issues

  • strengthening your intuition and connection with Spirit 


Helpful services could include:

  • acupuncture & herbal medicine to heal physical and systemic injuries

  • Coaching to strengthen discernment that supports your projects and longevity 

  • Tarot reading to gain insight and direction 

  • Distance Reiki to support your health while touring or traveling

These examples can help you to think of possibilities, but the combination or selection of services is specifically tailored to each person's needs. 

Email or text 617-960-6472 to inquire what can work for you.