Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture is a healthy, time-tested way to enhance your natural beauty from the inside out. 

​Real beauty comes from feeling refreshed, energetic and healthy - and from letting our true selves shine. By adjusting imbalances in your body, diet and attitude, Facial Rejuvenation can bring about change that's beyond skin deep.    

From a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective, it works because it increases the flow of blood and energy to the face, and the channels that flow through it. From a biomedical perspective, Facial Rejuvenation works by causing microtraumas in the skin, to which the body responds by increasing the production of collagen and elastin for wound healing. The needling, done at the level of the dermis, may also stimulate neurotransmitter production.

Here are some of the possible cosmetic results:


Skin becomes softer & more vibrant

Jaw line becomes more defined

Increased consistency of skin tone

Reduction of fine lines

Softening of deeper lines

Improvement in acne & rosascea

Fading of age spots

Reduction in redness

This program is a combination of the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System, nutritional counseling and personal narrative work. It involves a ten treatment protocol and recommended dietary and lifestyle changes. Athena also does abdominal toning based on the same system and components. Facial and abdominal sessions are $150, and offered in a series of five or ten for optimal results. 

There are various considerations and contraindications, primarily:


Migraines & seizure disorders

Uncontrolled hypertension



Athena has joined the beautiful team at Holiday Skin & Wax to deliver facial rejuvenation with a full compliment of vegan and Ayurvedic products. Meet the owner, Catherine Richardson, and book your services directly online here. For further questions, contact Athena at 617-960-6472.