Some of the common inquiries for this program involve:

  • how to care for yourself while nourishing others

  • finding a profession, career or modality most in alignment with your truth

  • transitioning from other work into a healing profession

  • creating daily habits & behaviors that sustain your health

  • processing energetic weight & difficult emotions from those you serve

  • increasing your awareness & intuition


Helpful programs could include:

  • acupuncture & herbal medicine to heal physical and systemic conditions

  • Reiki and coaching to explore and resolve emotional and spiritual issues

  • Ritual creation to bring regular cleansing and restoration into your life

  • Tarot readings to uncover new directions, unseen obstacles and telling insights

All of these examples can be used by themselves or in combination, according to your specific needs and timeline. The greater the intensity of your crossing, the longer the program should be to meet it. Consider 3-6 months at minimum.