All of the services Athena provides overlap in an elegant and dynamic way. They can all bring deep transformation at every level of your life. They address all the parts of you, so you begin to move through the world in a richly integrated way. They all combine ancient wisdom with progressive study; philosophy and practice from the East and the West; the yin of conscious allowing and the yang of mindful operation. They are robust and resilient support and navigation systems for taking you around the big curves and major transitions. They all offer simple and profound principles that gracefully translate to self-sustaining recalibration. And they all mirror the voyage and exploration of life.

Athena's approach is to asses where you are in this venture, and what will serve you best - either from a singular modality or a combination of them. She designs programs for each client based in part on the archetypal pattern of the Hero's Journey, in which the call to adventure or healing, the initiation into that space, and the transformation and return to one's true nature, guide your experience. 


For Athena, the foundations of this work stand in clear and challenging questions; a therapeutic rapport free from judgment and full of safety, so you can be thoroughly honest with yourself; maintaining calm and compassionate energy so that your nervous system can release fear and incorporate changes; and loving reflection, so that you can see, acknowledge and celebrate what you've accomplished and how far you've traveled. 

And no matter what you're trying to address - from a fairly simple, acute pain to shifting a significant area of your life like relationships or career,  Athena takes it on with respect, positivity and courage. Her commitment is to guide you through an illuminating, uplifting, healing, and artful process, where you are honored and seen and understood and loved. 

Learn more about each modality, and see examples of typical programs, to see how the work might serve you. They all start with a free 30-45 minute conversation with Athena to assess your needs and desires.


It's not important if you don't self-identify as a warrior, everyone is welcome to inquire about how the work could be of benefit. Remember that substantial change takes time; programs of 3-6 months are recommended for deep work.