All of the services Athena provides have a few important things in common. They can all bring deep transformation at every level of your life. They address all the parts of you (mind, body, spirit), so you begin to move through the world in a richly integrated way. They all combine ancient wisdom with progressive study; philosophy and practice from the East and the West; the yin of conscious allowing and the yang of mindful operation. They are robust and resilient support and navigation systems for taking you around the big curves and major transitions. They all offer simple and profound principles that gracefully translate to self-sustaining recalibration. And they all mirror the voyage and exploration of life.

You can either choose a service based on your interest, or Athena will assess which services can serve your needs best. Regardless of what's chosen, her approach is always to listen quietly, to ask meaningful questions, to build a non-judgmental and compassionate relationship, to maintain calm, and to provide loving and honest reflection, so that you can see your potential and divinity - and make choices in alignment w/that. 

Each service has an explanation on its self-titled page. You can also see examples of the kind of issues Athena can address in The Work. And you can always email or text 617-960-6472 with any questions.