Some of the common inquiries for this program involve:

  • acknowledging your gifts and path

  • gaining confidence in practicing and sharing your craft

  • strengthening connections with guides and Spirit

  • healing systemic imbalances & nervous system regulation

  • creating strong energetic boundaries

  • communicating about spirituality and your practice 

  • cleansing energetic attachments 


Helpful programs could include:

  • acupuncture & herbal medicine to psycho-emotional issues, and acute or chronic health problems 

  • Reiki as a relaxing and healing form of exploring deeper feelings of fear, any traumas or blockages 

  • Supported journaling or creative expression

  • Coaching and tarot readings to uncover latent dreams and new passions to direct your mission and work

All of these examples can be used by themselves or in combination, according to your specific needs and timeline. The greater the intensity of your crossing, the longer the program should be to meet it. Consider 3-6 months at minimum.